More Landings!

The day before the flight, the weather said that it was going to rain all day, but in the morning, it was only cloudy, so we decided to go on with the flight. Preflighting 53R , I saw water on the windshield from the rain overnight, but things started to clear, so we continued. We flew out towards the onion fields, and did some of the coolest flying that I have experienced. We flew right above the clouds, and when I looked up, all I saw was blue, and when I looked down, all I saw was white. It made me feel like an airline pilot that flies through the clouds. After demonstrating some maneuvers, we headed to Morristown where we practiced landing. It was a different experience because Morristown is a Left Traffic compared to a Right Traffic airport. It was cool to see the Jets Practice Facility too, even though they weren’t there. After a couple of increasingly improving landings, we headed back and landed at Caldwell after a fun flight.