Cumulative Review

On this flight, we did a cumulative review of everything that I learned in flight training so far. We started off with me dialling the radios, which I need to learn the different frequencies. Next, we taxied and took off as normal to the west learning that the reservoir marks the end of the Bravo allowing us to climb to cruise altitude. Once, over the onion fields, we did our pre-maneuver checklist which is the same as the pre-landing checklist. As I did steep turns, for clearing turns, I remembered the sight of the window which allowed me to maintain the proper altitude and bank. We practiced both types of stalls twice in order to perfect them. I need to remember that the plane will not fall and to not be scared during stalls. We finished up the maneuvers with slow flight which I need to remember that a lot of power is needed to maintain altitude. As we headed back to Greenwood Lake, we practiced an emergency landing with the A-G checklist and then headed to Greenwood Lake to practice landings. For my next flight, I need to focus on my flying and being aware of the airplane.