The story of a middle aged Private Pilot Student.

The story begins February 11 2011 when i decided to take my first flight lesson.  I googled flight training and the first school that came up is Airfleet in Essex County airport, so I called and made an appointment.  In hindsight i should have taken a tour of several schools and viewed the aircraft i would be training in.  I immediatly liked the airport Caldwell is a great airport,  the fact it is towered and located in Delta airspace introduces the student pilot to radio communications in controlled airspace that is critical in this crowded airspace that is New York and New Jersey.  My first instructor was Brian Monga,  Brian is  an excellent instructor but left Airfleet to fly at another school located at Morristown Municipal.   I dedcided to stay at Airfleet ,and started training with Alex Webber , another excellent instructor but  I lost him to his new job as an Airline Transport Pilot. Unfortunatly each time i changed instructors my training suffered, because flight training requires your CFI to get to know you and your ability to retain the deluge of information required to become a pilot.  After Alex’s departure to the airlines I was forced to find another CFI to help me complete my training.  That’s when I contacted Tom Fischer at his newly formed flight school   Fischer Aviation.  I explained my  interest  in finishing my flight training and he gladly agreed to help me complete my training.  I began flying with Tom and quickly became comfortable with the school and the aircraft and Toms teaching style.  Tom has helped me complete the written exam and my long X- country flight.   I highly recommend  Fischer Aviation to all who want to start flight training  as a career or just for recreation.  Fischer has the equipment and the people to get you your license.  Presently I am polishing up my flying for the Check ride.  I plan on blogging the remaining of my flight training and my FAA check ride. Stay Tuned!