The middle aged Private pilot student flys the Hudson Skyline Route in N811JD

IMAG0036IMAG0021I sometimes take a break from flight training by taking FUN flights with my girlfriend Janine.  She enjoys flying and we have plans on flying together long after I  complete my private pilot training and recieve my Private Pilot certificate.   April 4 2014 was one of those flights for enjoyment as well as a learning IMAG0042experience.. So janine and I accompanied by Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)  Tom Fischer departed Caldwell airport in N811JD and headed towards the Hudson river.  We flew east to the first VFR checkpoint at the Alpine Tower and contacted      La Guardia tower to get clearance to fly into the (B)ravo airspace surrounding the 3 major airports in NYC. After being cleared into the Bravo airspace and assigned a squawk code and altitude,we continued southward along the Hudson river. You enter the Skyline Route south of the Tappenzee Bridge  and fly south following the Hudson River at your assigned altitude.  It was a beautiful day and the George Washington Bridge looked amazing gracefully spanning the hudson , I was glad I was flying over it instead of being in bumper to bumper traffic mid-span.   LOL   Yankkee Staduim was clearly visable to the left in The Bronx, with The Willis Ave  and Tri-boro bridges connecting it all together.   The Henry Hudson snaking its way along the edge of the river..   Heading south looking for the symbol of the strength of this city ,Our Freedom Tower! Flying past the Statue Of Liberty south to the Verranzano Bridge ,turning around between the towers and heading north.. It was at this time Janine informed me that she was feeling queasy  ,and   I decided to cut the flight a little short to accommodate my flying partner.   A quick call to Newark tower with our request to head back to Caldwell ,and we were in for a treat.  The controller directed us to fly north and turn west at the Statue of Liberty  and fly across the Numbers for runway 22Left at EWR Newark . Then the controller told us to watch for traffic a Boeing 777 passing under us landing on runway 22Left . Damn that was unbelieveable sharing airspace with a Boeing  777   in my Cessna 172. I cant say enough good things about the Newark controllers and ,how they go out of their way to accomidate us general aviation pilots in and around the Bravo airspace here in our big city. They’re the best !   Then onward to Caldwell and a perfect landing , ending another flight around the city that never sleeps. GOD bless America.  God bless  the F.D.N.Y





Logbook Entry N811JD (C172)

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Hudson Skyline Route