Lesson 12: Welcome To Morristown | 06/10/15

Lesson 12 (6/10/15) — C-172 (N811J)

My first lesson in about a week and a half, yesterday’s lesson was a little bit of a recap.   I arrived a little late due to traffic on I-80 and as a result the preflight was a little rushed and the lesson was a little shorter than usual.   I didn’t set up the camera this flight due to lack of time, and we got rolling as soon as possible.   There was a light crosswind at CDW, but after two touch and goes we headed over to Morristown (my first time over there) in pursuit of what the ATIS claimed was a moderate crosswind (more than at CDW).   We arrived to find pretty much the opposite of a crosswind – the windsock was lightly blowing parallel to runway 23.   Although we did not get any crosswind landings in, we got two solid touch and goes, one of which was behind a jet so I got some practice landing with air vortices.   Over all a pretty standard flight.   Here is a picture of our route (recorded with the trails app – meant for hiking but works just fine for aviation):