Lesson 16: Getting back into the swing of things | 10/10/15

Other than accompanying my uncle on his flight review in August, the only flying I did over the summer was to go to Montana on a commercial flight to see family.   Because of this, I needed a little review before I could bounce back to where I was before the break.   Luckily, the weather welcomed me back with clear, beautiful skies, no wind, and a moderate temperature.   After getting our weather briefing and doing our preflight, we lifted off of runway 28 and began the lesson.   Although I hadn’t done any real world flying over the break, I had done A LOT of VATsim (virtual air traffic simulation) on my flight simulator, allowing me to practice talking to real air traffic controllers in airports like JFK, BOS, and Dallas Fort-Worth, widely regarded as one of the most complicated airspaces in the United States.   As a result of all this I did feel a lot more comfortable talking to ATC – although on my way back to CDW I responded to ATC when they were calling 811JD (the plane I usually fly in) not 5253R (the plane I was in); not a huge slip up, but it reminded me that I can’t get comfortable with ATC to the point where I become complacent – as far as the flying went, we did a simulated engine failure enroute and I had to go through the emergency checklist and promptly find the spot at which I would land (or crash) if my engine actually failed.   We then practiced flying VORs inbound (To the west) and outbound (To the east) to and from SAX, did some stalls, and then flew back to Caldwell.   My landing at Caldwell was OK; I got a little low and slow on approach for runway 22, but after correcting this, my touchdown was smooth and I was able to turn off on Delta, the first taxiway besides the one at the beginning of the runway.   When we were taxiing back, we heard some commotion on the radio between the tower and an airport vehicle who had crossed the runway without clearance and then would not respond to the tower which was pretty unusual – that guy is probably going to get a less than pleasant call from ATC in the near future.   Here’s the GPS track of the flight (the path that goes to the left was my outbound path and the path that is to the right then comes back to intersect the outbound path was my inbound path):


Close up of CDW


Complete flight

Logbook Entry N5253R (C172)

Flight Details




Additional Notes

One takeoff/landing, VOR navigation, *unreadable*, Simulated engine failure, Emergency procedures, Short field landing, Power off stallls