Lesson 18: My first night flight | 11/07/15

As we get closer to wintertime the sun is starting to set earlier and earlier in the day, and as a result of this in my lesson yesterday I did my first night landing.   My time slot was 4-6 and we found that the sunset was at 4:45, so any landings after 5:45 would technically count as night landings.   When we took off it was already starting to get dark so I had my headlamp on my head and we made sure the alternator and all the other electrical systems and lights were operational before we took off.   When we took off we flew to Greenwood Lake airport for the second time and did some takeoffs and landings there, but they did not count as night takeoffs and landings even though it was dark because they were before 5:45.   My landings were okay, but the approaches were always high because when you can’t see the ground it is hard to judge how high you are (the only visual queues you have are the runway lights) and I would rather be high than run into an obstacle on the ground.   When we came back from Greenwood Lake we planned on doing a touch and go and then a full stop landing but when we were on final approach ATC told us to go around (my first official go-around) so I just got one night landing in at Caldwell.   I forgot to set up my GPS track for the flight (sorry) but I’ll probably record next weeks flight on GoPro and post some footage so hopefully that will make up for it.