Lesson 22: Taking my Mom to Andover | 12/13/15

On Sunday my Mom drove me to Fischer and I asked her if she wanted to come up in the plane.   She agreed and we decided to go to andover again because it is a scenic little airport but would also give me a little practice on my short fields.   We took off from Caldwell in very low winds; so low that the tower cleared us to take off from a runway facing directly away from the wind because it was pointing in our departure direction (so I guess my first take off with a tailwind?).   We flew andover (using the GPS this time instead of visual checkpoints) and I tried to fly as smoothly as possible so as to not cause my mom to get queasy.   My landing at Andover was smooth and we promptly came back to Caldwell because the guy who had the time slot after mine was having his checkride.   My landing at Caldwell was pretty bumpy and I was a little disappointed because my landings have been so smooth recently, but I guess you can’t win ‘em all.   It was a short flight  but a fun one and my Mom said she enjoyed it as well.   Next week I might have my second night flight and we might be going to stewart to see their new runway lights at night (Bob recommends that I get that on GoPro) so I will probably have GoPro feed next week.   See you then.