Lesson 23: The Ghost Lesson | 12/19/15

I forgot to blog on my last flight of 2015 so I’m adding this post just to acknowledge that the lesson happened.   From the notes it looks like it was just a standard day practicing crosswind takeoffs and landings in the pattern but I don’t remember any specifics because it was so long ago.   To make it even weirder the flight was logged in a C-172 titled N6338F but Fischer doesn’t own a plane with that callsign – it is owned by Paramus Flying Club (Also Based at Caldwell) but I’ve never flown in a Paramus plane… I think it was just logged wrong and was either N811JD or N5253R in actuality.

Logbook Entry N6338F ? (C172)

Flight Details




Additional Notes

Traffic Pattern, Radio communication, Gusty Winds, Crosswind, Short Field landings