Lesson 38: Going Around | 08/05/16

We started off this lesson reviewing my checkride and talking about what I needed to work on.   The only major issues that Tom found were my LCGUMPS checklist use and my go-arounds.   We talked about LCGUMPS (The recommended checklist to use before going into any maneuvers or landing – lights, carb heat, gas, undercarriage, mixture, primer, seatbelts) and then departed Caldwell northbound to Warwick airport.   At Warwick  we did one simulated engine failure – this one I finally got into ground effect above the numbers and could have touched down in an emergency but because it was such a short field we went around for safety.   We stayed in the pattern and I finally landed on the third attempt (my first ever landing at Warwick).   We flew back to Caldwell and with the help of the localizer I flew a 5 mile straight in approach.   I floated a little in ground effect because I was a touch fast and I only used 30 degrees of flaps but I was able to pull off on taxiway Bravo anyway.

Logbook Entry N811JD (C172)

Flight Details




Additional Notes

Short field takeoffs + landings, go arounds, slow flight, power off stalls