Lesson 39: Blairstown Take 2 | 08/15/16

The last time we went to Blairstown we had to turn back to Caldwell before we made it there because of worsening weather but for this lesson the weather couldn’t be better.   Weather stations reported low winds, high visibility, and few clouds – the only adverse weather condition was a thunderstorm that was supposed to hit the next day (which was far enough away not to affect our flight) so we had no doubts about getting to Blairstown this time.   We took off as usual and started following I-80 west towards Blairstown (practicing visual navigation).   Once we were clear of the NY Class B airspace we climbed up to 3500 but Bob told me to keep climbing and we finally leveled out at 6500 above the clouds.   We kept following I-80 until the VOR that I had set on a radial over Blairstown centered, indicating that we were over the airport.   I circled until I caught sight of the field and then entered the pattern to land.   On my first

IMG_2160IMG_2161IMG_2159 IMG_2158


On my first approach I was too high and I decided to go-around once I determined that I couldn’t make the landing safely.   On my second go I landed it and turned off at the middle of the field.   We flew one more pattern and my last landing was pretty good also; I almost pulled off on the second taxiway but I was just a little too fast so I pulled off at midfield again.   We then flew back to Caldwell using I-80 again (this time under the clouds) and landed.   After we packed up the plane Bob asked if I wanted to visit the tower – I said yes and the tower OKed the visit so we went up to the tower with my dad to see the controllers.   It was awesome.