Lesson 40: Short fields, Emergencies and Go-Arounds | 08/18/16

For today’s flight we worked more on emergency procedures and go arounds (important skills for when I start soloing).   We also went up to Sussex which I haven’t been to in a while which was fun.   We started off flying to the north and did a simulated engine failure near a retired grass strip that’s now a soccer field.   We then headed towards greenwood lake but then diverted to Sussex using Sparta (A VOR) where we did another simulated engine failure.   On that one I had to make a pretty close approach but I got it down safely and with plenty of runway to spare.   On the runway we saw a grand caravan with skydivers taking off which was pretty cool to see.   After the landing at Sussex we went back to Greenwood lake (using just visual navigation) and made an approach to land but the approach didn’t look good to me so I went around and we went back to Caldwell.   At Caldwell we did some work in the traffic pattern and then called it a day.

Logbook Entry N811JD (C172)

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Additional Notes

Emergency procedures, simulated engine failure (At FWN), Pilotage, Go Arounds at 4N1, No Flap Landings, Short Field takeoffs + landings