Lesson 41: A Few Crosswinds | 08/26/16

Yesterday on our way to Fischer we got stuck in a huge traffic jam that held us hostage in the city for about an hour so once we finally arrived we were 40 minutes late.   Because of this and the fact that someone had scheduled Bob after us at the last minute the lesson was only about half an hour long.   There was a crosswind so we took that time to practice a little pattern work and crosswind landings but we only got 2 landings in before we had to go in for the day.   We did get a chance to go over the pre-solo test I took a bit which is the last measure that needs to be taken before I solo so hopefully we can finish going over that soon and I’ll be officially ready to solo (at least legally, anyways).   I do feel I’m ready though and I can’t wait for the day when it finally happens.