Lesson 42: N07 Engine Out and Light Guns | 09/03/16

On this lesson we flew north to practice emergency procedures and flight maneuvers.   As we passed Lincoln Park airport Bob pulled the engine on me so I had to make an simulated emergency landing at Lincoln Park.   I flew the pattern and my approach was a tad high (not a bad thing if it were an actual engine failure — it’s better to run off the end of the runway than to stall out before you reach it) but I got it down and was able to land safely.   We then went north to Greenwood lake where we practiced slow flight and stalls.   We then made a landing at Greenwood lake and returned to Caldwell where  we did a few touch and goes before taxiing in for the day.   On the taxiway Bob got the controllers to demonstrate light gun signals (The first time I had seen them from a plane) which was pretty cool.

Logbook Entry N811JD (C172)

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Additional Notes

Soft field takeoff, Simulated engine failure, short field takeoffs and landings, light gun signal demo