Lesson 43: Flight Maneuvers and a Broken Flaps Switch | 09/07/16

On this lesson we flew to the northeast and continued perfecting slow flight and stalls.   We talked about the new ACS testing standards and we did a lot of practice and I think it improved my stalls and slow flight a lot.   By the time we finished Bob had vectored me into an unknown area and told me to find my way back to Caldwell.   I triangulated using two VORs and then followed I-80 back to Caldwell.   Once we returned to the airport we had some time to kill so we did a few touch and goes but I realized on final approach to my second landing that the flaps switch was broken; It didn’t pop back into place when you put down some flaps so it would just run all the way down to 40 degrees unless you manually put it back into place.   I was still able to safely make two more landings though before the lesson ended and we reported the malfunction to Tom afterwards.