Lesson 44: Gusty Pattern Work | 09/11/16

On this lesson the winds were gusty and variable so we decided to stay in the pattern and practice some crosswind landings.   My first landing was a little precarious; I experienced wind shear on the entire approach which only worsened as I sank below the treeline because the wind was stirred up by the trees.   I expected the winds to calm a bit as I entered ground effect but suddenly I hit a lull in the wind just above the runway and the airplane dropped.   I flared just at the last moment and the plane touched down surprisingly smoothly but it was a jarring introduction to the flight to say the least.   The rest of my landings were similar; all turbulent but most were decent.   Days like this don’t come around very often so I was lucky to be able to practice with such challenging conditions in a controlled environment rather than experiencing them for the first time by myself.

Logbook Entry N811JD (C172)

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Traffic pattern, normal + crosswind takeoffs and landings