Lesson 46: So Close | 09/24/16

Before the flight I discussed the solo cross country flight plans that he had told me to make with Bob and we reviewed the weather for the flight.   The conditions couldn’t have been better.   The traffic pattern was empty, the wind was dead calm, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the air was cool and not dry (good for aircraft performance).   You couldn’t have designed a better day to go flying.   Bob told me to go preflight the airplane and asked for my logbook to fill out a few things saying we would first fly to Lincoln park and, if everything went well, I would be able to solo for the first time.   I went out to preflight and just as I got in the plane I realized I had forgotten my wallet at home (which had my drivers license and student pilot certificate) – the first time I had forgotten it and only time I needed it.   I told Bob and the solo idea was ditched.   It was OK, though, because I got some quality practice anyways as we went to Somerset again through Morristown.   I worked on my radio coms and short field landings  which was valuable.   We flew back to Calwell without a solo, but I have plenty of time on my hands until I get my license (next summer is when I turn 17) so I wasn’t upset.   Besides, I was excited that my first solo was within reach.