Lesson 48: Bad Weather | 10/08/16

On this lesson I was hoping to complete my second solo flight however the weather was disinclined to grant my wish.   The clouds were barely VFR, the visibility was very low, and, although the winds weren’t too bad, the temperature dewpoint spread was only a few degrees indicating the looming possibility of rain.   So instead of soloing I went with Bob to Lincoln Park airport (close enough to Caldwell to be able to get back in a hurry if the weather were to close in on us) and we practiced short fields.   It was pretty eerie to see how fast visibility dropped once we got close to the clouds (which we did on a few occassions).   We stayed at Lincoln Park for 2 landings and 1 go around (I felt I was too high so I went around on my second approach).   We then returned to Caldwell and landed full stop.   Besides the weather it was a pretty unremarkeable flight when compared to my previous flight (My first solo) but I gained some invaluable experience with weather observation and avoidance.