Lesson 50: A Busy Pattern | 10/15/16

Today was perfect weather for a solo but since 811JD’s NAV panel is out of service  Bob didn’t want to send me out of the pattern yet.   He did say we might be able to get in a solo in the pattern, however, so we headed out to preflight with soloing as the goal.   We got up in the air and the weather was good but as time progressed more and more planes started to enter the pattern.   It got to the point where we were pushed to a four and a half mile final behind multiple other planes so Bob decided to ditch the solo plan and just practice landings.   My landings were ok, however I tended to sink much more than usual.   Over all it was a pretty standard lesson.   I might be switching over to a glass cockpit (G1000 Avionics) in the future so there’s plenty of action left in store before I take my flight test.

Logbook Entry N811JD (C172)

Flight Details




Additional Notes

Traffic pattern (busy), normal takeoffs and landings