Lesson 51: Waterbury Oxford and Sky Acres || 11/4/16

Even though I have already surpassed the hour requirement for dual cross country flight time I am going to be doing my solo cross country soon so Bob and I practiced a flight that will probably be the same route as one of my solo cross countries.   We started off at Caldwell and I put all the wind data into my flight plan.   I called for a weather briefing and to file a flight plan and then we pre flighted and took off.   Our route was Caldwell to Carmel VOR to Waterbury-Oxford Airport to Pawling VOR to Sky Acres airport to Kingston VOR to Greenwood lake to Caldwell.   We got flight following from NY Approach/Departure and flew into  the NY Class B airspace on our first leg (my first time doing that) and also contacted them on our return leg.   The flight took much longer than expected and more fuel, partly because it is an older plane than when it was being tested for the fuel flow and speed numbers and partly because I probably had the throttle too far back.   Regardless it was a pretty smooth flight and I learned a lot.   We contacted 122.2 (flight service) after departing sky acres to open our flight plan home, another experience which I’d never done before.   With every flight I take I’m starting to feel more confident as a pilot and I’m starting to feel ready to take my practical test this summer (when I turn 17) after I have reached the hour requirements in night hours, simulated IFR, and solo hours.

Logbook Entry N811JD (C172)

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Additional Notes

X/C planning + Navigation, NY class B OPS, flight following, VOR NAV interception + tracking, Flight plan open/close, FSS communication