Lesson 52: Night Flying || 11/18/16

My second time flying at night was a lot more smooth than my first (which happened about a year ago).   I felt a lot more confident (especially on landings) which is probably because of the experience and knowledge I’ve gained throughout this year.   My younger cousin  (who wants to become a pilot when he grows up) was sitting in the back seat for this flight as well so it was an exciting flight.   We aimed to get around 3/4 of the night landing requirement done (10 full stop takeoffs and landings) however there was only one controller at Caldwell and he didn’t let us do any work in the pattern so we had to fly to Morristown and our goal seemed like a stretch.   We banged out 5 landings there however, including one with a simulated electrical failure, and they were pretty comfortable.   One thing I realized during the flight was I definitely need a much more powerful headlamp because when bob simulated the electrical failure I could barely see the instruments.   When we returned to Caldwell there was a friendly controller there who let us do one more landing so we got 7 in total (which eats into a good chunk of the requirement).   Soon I’ll be doing my night cross country and once I finish my solo and IFR requirements I’ll be done with all the hour requirements to get my private pilot’s licence.

Logbook Entry N811JD (C172)

Flight Details




Additional Notes

Traffic pattern, 7 night takeoffs + landings full stop, simulated electrical failure, radio comms, airport lighting