Lesson 54: Dual Crosswinds || 12/10/16

Again the weather didn’t comply with our hopes of getting the third solo in so we took advantage of the adverse conditions and practiced crosswinds.   An added challenge was that the attitude indicator was broken so I had to fly only with visual queues.   We got 5 landings in and they were pretty turbulent but I pulled them off nicely.   As I get more experience landing in all kinds of conditions my confidence in both landings and regular flight is increasing and I’m sure by the time I take my test I’ll be able to land in almost any conditions (although I will still have much to learn).

Lesson 53: IFR Holds || 12/4/16

For this lesson my third solo flight was delayed again because the weather was too rough.   It turned OK though because I ended up getting some valuable IFR experience (which is important as I plan to get my IFR rating this summer shortly after I pass my VFR practical.   We flew to the Sparta VOR and practiced holds around the VOR using the clock.   I got some valuable VOR practice and I got pretty good at intercepting a radial on a turn which will undoubtedly help me when tracking VORs in cross country flight.   We got 0.6 hours of simulated instrument training in and then flew back to Caldwell to end the lesson.