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An Introduction

Boy, am I great at unique titles or what?

I’m Connor: a nerdy, tall 17 year old. Currently I’m working towards my PPL at Fischer and hope to become an aerospace engineer (official term for rocket scientist) for a living. My interests (aviation notwithstanding) include watching Formula One Races, rockets, astronomy, and history. Yeah, I wasn’t lying when I said I’m a nerd. I’m also insanely sarcastic, which is a bit hard to properly portray in text, but I hope that won’t affect the overall blogging experience.

Anyways, Jodi and Tom were kind enough to let me create a blog on their site to post about my flights and such. So I guess I should start with some history as to my aviation “career” (a term I use very loosely for the time being). I’ve always been interested in aviation for as long as I can remember, and scored my first flight in a GA aircraft in 2007/2008 (to make y’all feel old, I was 11) in a Cessna 310 as part of EAA’s Young Eagles at CDW. I took a few more flights, as well as one or two introduction lessons before various circumstances forced me to put a halt on my lessons. However, I recently have been able to restart flight training. Yesterday (3/16) was my first instruction flight in a year or so. I will write about this in the next post to keep it organized. So, until next time!