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Interlude: Yuri’s Night, Schoolwork, and Recipes (oh my!)

Still sticking with movie references in the title. Go me.

Anyways, hi there! I’ve been insanely busy the past couple weeks, so writing has had to take the back burner. Turns out, at the end of marking periods teachers pile on homework. Who knew?

I went flying on the 26th, but the aforementioned schoolwork combined with assorted miscellany sort of hindered my ability to write a full post about it.

The gist of it was as follows:

Connor’s Second Flight: A Recipe

Take 10kts crosswind

Add three (3) power on stalls

Mix thoroughly with gliding tests and emergency drills

Sprinkle white-knuckle moments as necessary

I also tried flying this past Wednesday, but high winds prevented that, which sucks. So no news on that front.

Also, tonight is Yuri’s Night! As a space enthusiast, I always try to celebrate Yuri’s Night by watching some space documentaries or listening to mission control audio. Did I mention I was a nerd?

Sorry for the short post. Nothing of importance other than what I mentioned happened, and I’m currently in between taking the ACT and preparing for a “roadtrip” up to Rockland County, NY for the North Eastern Astronomy Forum.

I leave you with a very nice real-time look at Yuri’s flight, and audio/video from STS-1 (which also took place on Yuri’s Night).