Gateway to heaven

My recent IFR flight to Allentown PA was through heavy cloud cover on a Sunday morning. It was beautiful but as Tom pointed out there was no room for day dreaming or distraction, as taking your eye off the instruments can lead to disorientation when flying through heavy cloud. But it was beautiful and peaceful when we didn’t need to chatter away on the radio. Sometimes when we came out of the clouds I was so glad to see blue skies and the clouds just below us looked heavenly. ..I wouldn’t have been surprised to see angels flying…..

Fiona Clouds

Its summer time

Always nice to see wildflowers, lakes and forest of green as we fly over gorgeous NJ, NY and surrounding areas.  A couple of weeks ago we saw deer close the runway at Solberg (actually not safe if you are in the process of making a landing :)) and the attached pic was taken at Sussex airport from a taxiway while we were waiting to take off.


3rd solo – 1 hour flight to the practice area and back

I finally completed my 3rd solo on 3 May 2014, flying for 1 hour to the practice area and back. Thank you weather gods! This was an awesome experience because i felt like a real pilot, flying over the NJ/NY lakes and making it back to Caldwell. Thank you so very much to Tom Fischer. Tom it is your excellent, patient teaching skills that i owe my solo to. Thanks also to Jodi for all your support. You guys and Fischer’s other experienced instructors make learning how to fly easy :)


who said women are great at multitasking?

Wearing special glasses that partially blocks your view to practice instrument flying will thankfully never become a fashion statement! Tom also saved me from further embarrassment by thankfully not taking any yucky pictures of me wearing them. In any case it was a great lesson and we flew up to Resnik. Tom taught me how to put the plane in a circle so that we were handsfree and could focus on reading maps and working the OBS and Navigation aids to find where you are. It was hard work making sure that the plane was still flying, figuring out the maps, and understsnding the nav aids on the instrument panel. Tom is the most patient person ever!

 I also learned to use the gps approach to fly back to Caldwell. Fischer Aviation is also great because they have a simulator and I did practice what I learned on the simulator on Saturday. We ended the session with Tom simulating a bird strike. Nice!

Amazing flying lesson with Tom




Was great to fly again after a 6 week break as i was away in New Zealand. So much fun doing stalls (power on and off stalls), steep turns and spirals. Steep turns are FUN!!! Tom did some awesome demonstrations as well while took pictures…we did almost a 60 Degree AOB which was great! Offcourse i had to have a go as well and also did like a 50 or 55 AOB. Super fun!!!! It was a gorgeous warm day and after 2 hours of super fun it was time to go home :(