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Introductory flights are a means for aspiring aviators to experience what it is like to fly an airplane first hand. From the moment you strap yourself into the seat and get ready to take off, your dream of flying will become a realty!  During your introductory flight lesson, your certified flight instructor will conduct the take-off and landing, but in between it will be all you! You will be guided through keeping the airplane straight and level, turns, climbs and descents.

We offer a two hour introductory flight lesson as well as a flight training starter package. Each one is described below. Only one intro flight lesson and package is allowed to be taken per person. There are no refunds for gift cards or pre-purchased flight lessons. All gift certificates are good for one year from the date of purchase. Once the lesson(s) is scheduled, cancellation can only be made at least 24 hours in advance of the lesson in order to reschedule it, or the lesson will be lost. However, a “same day” cancellation is allowed if Fischer Aviation determines that the weather does not permit flying that day.

You may choose an aircraft with standard steam gauge instrumentation or upgrade to a glass cockpit / G1000:

steam gaugeG1000

OPTION 1: Two Hour Introductory Flight Lesson $215 – $235

Option one includes a full hour in the aircraft in addition to a full hour ground lesson.

OPTION 2: Flight Training Starter Package $920 – $999

Try Your Wings and Purchase a 4 Lesson Start-up Package for  $920 – $999

Each lesson includes one hour of dual flight time and one hour of ground school (one on one with instructor).


OBJECTIVES: Aircraft preflight inspection, cockpit control familiarization, basic in-flight aircraft control.


OBJECTIVES: Continue with in-flight aircraft control (climbs, turns, descents) with an introduction to more advanced pre-solo maneuvers.



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