Closed Traffic Training in windy conditions

As a student pilot and flying a low wing aircraft (N8350R), one of the fears or challenges I face are take offs and landings in the wind. Theoretically it seems simple however, hands on is a different story.

It’s all about coordination, practice, practice, practice, airspeed, airspeed, airspeed and stop the tight GI JOE- KUNG FU grip on the yoke (In my case)!

Today was all about nose placement and  rudder pressure.  During landing approach on final, I was not giving enough right rudder pressure although the nose was pointing to the center of runway 4,  with winds coming from our left. I felt concerned with giving too much rudder pressure that could have pushed us off course (so I thought) but as it turned out and with Tom’s instruction, we needed to crab our way down towards the runway for a landing. I was just not sure how much Rudder to give.

Tom is teaching me to calmly coordinate all the factors involved with takeoffs and landing in a cross wind.  I am not 100% yet but I am giving it 110% effort. I am getting more comfortable with cross winds and can see and feel improvements.   I am making it a point to fly often and in crosswind. It will make me a better and safer pilot.

Just a note, Tom does set a NO FLY rule or limit on windy conditions for his students  and for obvious safety reasons.