Preparing for Solo-Training on Ground Referrence

Wednesday 5/6/15  was a clear day, Tom and I flew to the training area North of KCDW. He was instructing me on key points of ground reference. This proved to be very helpful. Upon returning to KCDW we reviewed the three key  body of water(Greenwood Lake, Monksville Lake and Wanaque Reservoir)  from North to South as we headed back to home. As we past Wanaque Reservoir we began our descent from 3500ft to 2500ft which puts us in position to fly safely  under  the Bravo airspace.  Once under the  Bravo Airspace you can carefully spot another key point of reference( Southeast, Blue Water tower and to the left of Lincoln Park airport). This heading allows you to approach runway 22 base leg,  right pattern of runway 28 and left pattern of runway 4( all depending on KCDW ATC direction).

We also flew further south toward Boonton Reservoir (approximately 10miles south of Wanaque Reservoir) turning  east  of the city  Boonton .  This route led us to  Square Lake (small square body of water with green vegetation and just past Route 80. This point of reference gives the option of setting up to base leg of  runway 4 or enter a right pattern for runway 22. ( all depending on KCDW ATC direction).

Todays training was priceless! I now sweat a little less when it comes to finding my way back to KCDW.  Another Key point to remember is, when it comes to finding your way back, patience is very important!  You can always contact KCDW tower for assistance if your not sure.