Emergency Aircraft Engine Out Simulation, NO POWER LANDINGS!

Todays training required closed traffic landings,  right pattern on to runway 22.  While on the down wind and before reaching base turn,  I contacted KCDW Tower and requested for a short landing approach.  Once approved and cleared the numbers (right wing past the runway numbers 22 on the ground) I  reduce power to the minimum rpm as to simulate and engine out or failure. I trimmed for Vg 70knots (aircraft glide) and carefully turned to base leg.

On base leg I pulled flaps 10 degrees and watched my airspeed  and made sure I was not to fast or too slow.  Aircraft pitch is key!  I learned  how flaps affect your speed in the various position and even help you glide better, in this case for  landings .  At one point I felt too low and slow but Tom showed me how maintaining the proper airspeed and  adding flaps can take you where you need to be, just by adding another degree of flaps!

Where do I need to improve: Turning Aileron  to the right when I should be using my rudder peddles. while on take offs, I did not realize that I was turning yoke to the right also, on the downwind my plane was drifting to the right getting closer to airport.  I guess its from driving a car for so many years.  I must yaw with my feet rather then my hands! Also, properly aligning my plane with the ground center line. It was a simple correction. I was using the cowl as a reference to ground line   rather than visually aligning the center line straight just by looking up and further away from my plane. I was focusing in the wrong area.

To learn is to improve!! Thanks Tom!