Learning my way around using a Sectional chart (Ground Reference)

Today 5/8/15 was a bit of a hazy day but still able to fly. It was a good take off of runway 22. Tom and I flew North West of KCDW and about 20 to 25miles out. We maintain an altitude of  2500ft and in a nice steady smooth cruise speed.

Tom instructed me to have my chart handy. He had me fly in a circular pattern and reference ground terrain to my map (where are we Henry?) We were flying in an area that I was not familiar with, I accepted the challenge and carefully monitored my planes actions (maintaining altitude level, gauges in the green, watching for other aircrafts and looking at Tom’s poker face for a hint),   while glancing at my map for brief intervals. Yes, Tom was there with me but I did not want him  to hold my hand, in fact,  In my mind I  was alone and lost without anyone onboard.  I struggled a little… Tom reminded me of something that I never thought of before, He said “Don’t view the map first and then expect to see or match what you see outside,  look outside carefully and match what is in your map” (sunk in and made  so much sense to me!).

AH HA! I was able to find our location/position! We did that a few more times then headed back to KCDW. Tom had me perform and engine out landing upon our return. I managed to land safely but still need to work on it (that’s for  my next post).

Great training day! I continue to learn more and more and enjoy every bit of it. Thanks Tom!