So you think you know where your going!! Chart Usage

Today 5/15/15  I requested to fly to an area on my map (My Job site). Tom approved and said, ” take us there”.

First I had to figure out where we were,  using the terrain below I attempted to match my views with my chart. The one thing I was sure of was, we  just past the High Point monument As I continued to look around, Tom recommended we use the tools we have in place (VOR tracking). On my chart I penciled a line from the center of Huguenot VOR-DME to center of my the destination then, from the center of Kingston VOR-DME to the center of destination, creating  an “X” over the area I wanted to fly to. We tuned in and verified/ID each VOR to be actively working.  I centered my first line on the VOR indicator (Huguenot VORDME)  and noted course indication then, tuned in  the second VOR  (Kingston). We followed Huguenot’s signal.  As we approached the marked point in my chart,  we discovered that it was not the area I wanted to fly over.  I had marked the wrong target on my chart!  It was a little further south and within our view.  I flew to the target and circled around it…

What I learned is,  careful and detailed planning would have made things a lot easier. Also, double checking ones destination and route is very important!  You don’t want to land at the wrong airport!