Quickest training flight I ever had!!

6/8/15: Day was cloudy sky’s were broken and expected rain later on in the day.  Performed pre-flight check list and off we went (ground directed us to runway 28 for north departure).

Contacted Tower, “N8350R holding short for runway 28 for North departure” (so I thought). We were cleared for take off. As i reached pattern altitude we could see rain was coming our way! We decided lets do some pattern work instead.  We Informed KCDW tower of our change in plans and  they approved.

As we were in the down wind, It began to rain very heavy, visibility was still OK. I make base leg turn and  the rain continued. During our final leg  KCDW tower contacted us and said “they did not have us in sight”! At this point the rain had gotten stronger. KCDW could not see us but we could see the runway clearly. We made a decision to inform KCDW tower for full stop due to weather. I  landed our plane  safely and without issue.

What did I Learn:  There maybe a time you have to make decisions based on safety to live to fly another day. There are many variables that can come into play which require wise decision making. Total time: .3   : (