Lost?! Use VOR!!

6/10/15: We flew today heading North. Tom had me perform maneuvers and prepare me for instructor check out prior to my first Solo.

After completing maneuvers  Tom instructed me to head home… I looked outside trying to match what I see with what I have on my map.  I decided to move towards a large lake several miles in front of us . As I approached the lake, I still could not figure out where I was!  I was calm but disappointed in myself. I could not locate my position, mean while I was thinking of VOR and Nav radio but yet did not use them. Finally Tom pointed out where we were on the map and needless to say I felt Stupid.

I have decided that next time Tom asks me where are we, I will use the NAV tools we have in our aircraft, after all that’s what they are for!  I do have a IPAD with GPS but Tom does not approve of using it until I am proficient with VOR radio and map referencing (Makes Sense to me)

What did I learn:  Use the darn tools you have available to you! You can always radio for direction or gain altitude for a better view of the ground which makes it easier to compare with your chart map.