SOLO Pre-Check Ride With another instructor

6/19/15:  I was paired up with  evaluation instructor Tomoharu. Tomoharu went over aircraft  weight and balance and how it can affect aircraft performance. He did a great job with training instructions.

We took a walk to N8350R and I began my preflight as he carefully observed. I ran through the normal steps and before you know my single engine aircraft  was on (CLEAR PROP!!)

I contacted Caldwel ground for taxi clearance to active runway with information Oscar. They had me taxi to runway 28 via A, N. I performed RUN UP procedures then moved up to hold short line. Tower advise of take off clearance via runway 28. I acknowledged by repeating their last transmission and ended it with 8350R…And “OFF we go into the wild blue yonder,Climbing high into the sun…” (quote from the Official US Air Force Song)

At the training area we performed power on/off stalls, 45 degree turns, clearance turns and return navigation.  Yes, I was nervous having a different instructor and knowing I was being evaluated didn’t help. I screwed up on a few things or areas I need to improve  upon.  In the end, I landed us safely!! WooHoo! Tomoharu mentioned my landing was good ( I was very pleased to hear that).

What did I learn: I need to work a bit more on controlling my rudder rather then my aileron during take off and stalls, I was a bit “enthusiastic” with rudders (Tomoharu’s words) : ),  over shot my heading as I got out of 45 degree turns. I know I have done better in the past  with Tom Fischer but I think most of the errors were from being nervous with having someone evaluating me.  All in all, It was good training and mental preparedness for the day I have to perform my FAA check ride.  Good Job Tomoharu!