Finally found my way home, using my Nav tools!!

6/24/15: Another great flying day!! Once again, we ventured out to the training area.  Preformed pre-solo training (clearing turns, Power On/Off Stalls, 45 degree turns etc)

After a good training session, “Take us home” Tom said. This time, I used the  VOR to triangulate my position  on my chart (ensured each VORTAC was identifiable), once I got the general idea as to were I was.  Using a pencil I was able to align my position with the VOR compass circle. 165 degree will take me home.. All the while my fearless instructor was quiet as to say, DONT ASK ME! GET US THERE!

I began to recognize  the area!  At approx. 8miles out I called KCDW tower advising  I was in bound and approaching Lincoln Park Airport. They advised me to Ident and call in once I reached the Lincoln Park water tower. I followed instructions (Left pattern for runway 4). Entered downwind at a 45 degree and called in my position. “8350R, you are cleared to land on runway 4″  said the KCDW ATC. I repeated the information ending with my call sign. Another safe landing!!

It was a good day, practice, practice, practice paid off!! I feel I am ready for my solo….