SOLO DAY!! Remember your training! Have Fun!

6/30/15: The day was perfect! Winds calmer then me! Clear day! Tom checked required documentation and my frame of mind. I was calm in the outside but very excited in the inside ( felt like a little boy going to a joy ride!) Preformed my detailed preflight and off we went!

Tom and I flew a few touch and goes together. Obviously to ensure I was up to the task of  soloing.  Satisfied to his expectation, I was instructed to  land for a full stop. Once off runway 22, I contacted ground and requested taxi via Papa, Tango (Led us to another aircraft parking area which has a full view of the runway).  ”Be Safe, have fun and watch for my hand singles” Tom said. I allowed Tom to clear the aircraft ( It was like having your dad/mom release their hands off your bicycle without training wheels for the first time). I contacted KCDW ground and requested taxi to runway for closed traffic.  ”Hold short of runway 22@ November via Tango, Papa” said KCDW ATC. I repeated instructions to the mentioned runway. Holding short of 22 @ November, I  switched radio Freq.  to KCDW tower and requested take off clearance. Tower responded with weather information and I was cleared for take off!

It felt instinctive. Lights, Camera, Action ( ensured lights were on, Transponder on,  Mixture full rich, primer in and locked position, Power as required and gauges within required limits). Carefully looked in both directions of runway and  OFF I WENT!! It was a great feeling! I was not nervous and felt very safe. It was a little hot in the cockpit due to the days temperature but, who cares! I was flying alone!   I did three full stops and taxi to hold short area for each one. As I passed Tom during each taxi and watched for hand signals. THUMBS UP!! (meant to continue).

The training paid off, pattern work was great! I was very pleased with the results and so was my CFI  Thomas Fischer! I will be smiling all day today! Looking forward to my next flight!

Thanks Tom!