SOLO #2 landing on all 3′s

7/2/15:  Day was clear, warm and hot. Tom and I took off for closed traffic.  Tom was ensuring I was good to go for another day of solo. After a few touch and goes, I was on my own.

Feeling very comfortable, I proceeded with the normally radio communications with KCDW ground then tower. First take off from runway 22 @ November. Staying  in pattern and on down wind I radio the tower requesting permission for full stop. Tower cleared me to land.

From base to final and on to runway, nice smooth landing. On the following two landings I was landing flat. I had forgotten that I was minus one person in aircraft therefore I should take my time and land further past the numbers  because of less weight in aircraft.

Weight and balance of any aircraft is very critical to know and understand. It can and will affect your aircraft performance which you must understand and prepare for.  My problem was I didn’t take advantage of the lighter weight in aircraft to preform a very smooth landing just by flaring a little longer.  I rushed it down. It was unintentional but had I taken my time, it would have been a lot nicer of a landing.

Remember!! The planes performance will change when your total aircraft weight is either increased or reduced. There are other factors involved with weight such as fuel, baggage etc. but, in my case my performance changed because my instructor was no longer  in the airplane with me.  Lessons learned.

Overall, it was good and I had a lot of fun! Looking forward to my next solo to the training area and back. Its almost time to cut the umbilical cord! ;)

Thanks Tom