3rd Solo attempt today

7/10/15: Today we were hoping for a third solo flight out to the training area but due to cross winds and ugly landings it was best to hold off on soloing.

We flew to the training area and I performed maneuvers to ensure I was capable of handling solo flight alone. The maneuvers went fine and making my way back to the airport was no problem but, during my landing I encountered cross winds from left to right and boy did I screw those up!

I was pist (at myself) over my first ugly landing attempt and it showed on the following two attempts to land smoothly with cross winds! Those were ugly too. Tom explained, mentally holding on to mistakes does one no good, let them go and start with a fresh metal attitude. That can be a tough thing to do knowing how I am, and the pressure of wanting be a good pilot. Bottom line, practice, practice, practice, is what makes a good pilot. know your weaknesses and work on improving them.

I will do better on my next flight for sure! I will try for my 3rd solo tomorrow, today is not my day to do it. I am ok with that, its all about safety.