Successful 3rd solo

7/11/15: I kept and eye on the weather and it turned out to be a nice day for another attempt at my third solo.

KCDW was very busy this morning, planes were taking off and landing this morning. I could understand why, the morning was gorgeous! Everyone wanted to go flying! On my way to the airplane to start my preflight,  I notice a family of 3 just getting back from flying. They all had smiles on their faces, clearly indicating they had a great time.

After my preflight check and KCDW ground clearance to taxi to runway 28, we (Tom and I) held short for take off a little longer than usual due to the heavy traffic (planes in pattern, on final approach, taking off from other runways etc. ). Finally, ” Cherokee 8350R you are cleared for take off on runway 28!! ROGER THAT!!

We took off and headed North. Tom was quiet so I knew I was doing a good job flying. He instructed me to perform 45 degree banking turns. Without hesitation I first performed a clearing turn ( turned the plane 90 degrees to my right and back to my left. Checking for other aircraft in the area as good safety measure). “Take us home” Tom said.

Returned to KCDW and landed nicely. I retracted  flaps to 10 degrees and gave full power, ” Don’t you want to fly your solo?” Tom asked. I said, Yes! ” So why are you giving full power? Get off the runway and contact ground so you can drop me off and proceed to the flying area by yourself”.  It was music to my ears! After dropping off Tom at the Bravo parking area, I checked ATIS then contacted ground. I requested take taxi to take off for north departure with information Charlie (latest weather report).

Although KCDW was busy, It was a great and relaxing flight. Once I reached my destination area and cleared Bravo airspace, I practice a few maneuvers after my clearing turn of course. It was awesome! I could see myself flying out and about often and as soon as I complete my private pilot FAA check ride. I did not want to come back to base (KCDW) but, I know Tom would kill me if I stayed out longer then I should So, back I went.

I returned to the airport safely, my landing was very nice and smooth, I must say… Turned off runway 4 and contacted ground control.  ” Taxi via Papa, November, Alpha to the Fischer parking area” per KCDW ground control. I repeated instructions and proceeded back to parking are. SUCKS!! I wanted to take off again and enjoy more flying!! I live to fly another day.. Nothing mattered more to me today except the fact that I flew alone and enjoyed every minute of  it!

Thanks Tom!