A Lot of Right Rudder

Today my lesson is all about correctly use right rudder. I will break it down into 2 parts: power on stall and landing. I was actually aware of how and when to use the rudder. However, I was not executing them correct. But after the lesson today, I think I boosted my confidence.

Let’s talk about the easy part first.

The rudder use during landing is absolutely most critical. I lined up with runway center line with a crab angle on final, and realized the angle was too big, so I adjusted. I think I was holding the approach OK except too much flap right after turning final, which made me slow and I started descend fast. Having realized that I added a whole lot of power and much down trim so I made to the runway threshold marked with green lights. Then the challenge started. I was expecting a component of cross wind from the right, so I had a little bit of right aileron and left rudder, but noticing the nose is not straight, Bob asked me to push right rudder. Aware of I have to do that, I was still hesitated until I finally kicked a little, then my airplane drifted to the right. This taught me that do what is needed, don’t do what is expected.

Now moving to power-on stall. Much of my problem previously was, I think, not enough right rudder. I was afraid of using it even in the initial nose up stage, and as my nose drop and wings wobble, I got too scared to use right rudder so i released the rudder. But today I didn’t let my right foot up at all, and in fact I even pressed more after nose had dropped and wing tipped to the left. The correct response, and I did it correctly, was to kick right rudder to maintain directional control. Because when we reestablish climb attitude, left turning tendency was huge on the airplane. I think now I know what to expect in a power-on stall. My left wing will drop first, because of left turning tendency, so I must keep pressure on right rudder and increase pressure even more as stall develops fully.

More anticipating the stage check with Tom in 2 weeks time. Hope the weather and plane will be ready.