Welcome to the skies

” Caldwell ground… Cessna 811JulietDelta at Fischer request taxi for departure with Victor…”

And so my second life an an aviator officially started in my second actual flight. Even though I did the “discovery” portion of the program, that felt more like a tourist attraction. Things were about to get a lot more intense this time around, I felt it in my bones.

“I told you not to trust the parking brake…”

This was a very early indication that this time around, we were not doing a discovery flight… this time around this was a full blown flight lesson. Welcome to the skies, I told myself, even though we had barely moved a few feet from the parking spot.

“It’s a bit bumpy today…”

I don’t think the trainer has puke bags… or does it?

This time around, things did not go as smoothly as the discovery flight. It was overcast and a bit windy, versus the gorgeous 68degree clear skies day we had on the first flight, which made for a bumpy ride to say the least. There were no surprises when it came down to performing the maneuvers, I still have a bit of a problem with using the rudder, but I guess that feel will come with time. Flying for so many years in the simulator with “auto rudder” has proven to be not been very helpful in my first few flights.

“Keep it still will ya?…”

That was the request of my CFI on our return leg of the flight. He was documenting some ground markings to review with the tower upon our return. Needless to say this was the fist time I stared directly to my right to see if he was actually kidding… the jury is still out on that.

“Can’t let you close if your wing is at that angle…”

This one I was 100% in agreement with. Even though I though I would be able to land the aircraft in my first few flights, is has become very clear to me that sim flying is not actual flying. I have changed my use of the simulator quite a bit int he last two weeks, changing from completing flights to actually focusing on procedures and maneuvers, I think that tool will still be a big help in the long run.

“You are still ahead of the game…”

This was nice to hear, even though I had informed my instructor that I deal better with direct criticism than I do with positive reinforcement. I was always taught that the only way to learn that when you make a mistake, you own it and then hope to be corrected properly. So far Bob has done a wonderful job at that, I am very happy things fell into place and I was able to have him as my CFI. I am looking forward to subsequent lessons as well as meeting the guys at EAA later on this month.

I hope to expand in future postings, this was more of a test post and it was done rather quickly. If you took the time to read this post, I thank you very much.