Lesson 28: Pattern work out side KCDW

Bob told me if the first couple of landings are good, we will head out. The first T/O and Landing were very good — from my view. Then the second one is not, side load (always cause me some trouble). Then the 3rd one are good. We headed out to Lincoln Park. We try to use runway 19, not good, so go-around. Then we found the runway 1 is actively used. Some mooney coming in and jump in front of us — I mean, ¬†I was in the pattern already, but Bob thinks he is faster, so we gave way to him. He comes low, and he go-around too. We followed him to runway 1. Then I go around as well — I approached too high. Finally, I got it landed — with Bob’s help. There were so many people crowded at the restaurant here. And Bob said, I am the entertainment. :) That’s fine — I am happy to entertain so many people. However, seems the Lincoln park is too narrow for me, not sure if I am ready for it.

Then we headed to Greenwood lake. Runway 4 is being used, I landed there 3 times, all full-stops, all good. ¬†Although Greenwood lake only 20 feet wider than Lincoln park — but it definitely makes different.

The 3 T/Os are all “soft-field”. Bob said I did good, he’s happy with them.

After that, we headed back. Before 10 miles north, Bob asked me prepare for the call, and I forgot the ATC — too long time not leaving and coming back, I already completely forgot about it. I guess it’s time to recover those knowledge and routines.