Obama cancels my flight lesson

Note: I’ve moved my blog!  You can find this post here.

I had a flight lesson scheduled for this Friday, April 11.  Today it was announced by the FAA that Obama will be visiting NYC on Friday and they issued NOTAM 4/6928, a temporary flight restriction (TFR) encompassing the LGA/JFK/EWR Bravo airspace.


NOTAM 4/6927 is shown as the three orange shapes.  There is another TFR shown as the small red circle for tonight’s Orioles/Yankees game.  Source: SkyVector

Unfortunately, flight training is one of the things that is “not authorized within this TFR” so my lesson had to be canceled and rescheduled for Sunday.  I think in the future I may schedule three lessons a week instead of two, since at this rate at least one of them will be canceled and I’ll still get to fly twice a week!