Atlantic City (KACY) flight with Matt

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If you’re a regular reader you know my friend Matt already has his pilot’s license.  He’s in the Paramus Flying Club and had to do a “club checkride” per their bylaws so that he can fly the club planes by himself.  

This past Sunday (May 18) he completed his club checkride and afterwards we had a flight planned to Atlantic City International Airport (KACY) as a celebration!

This is a rough plot of the course that we flew from Linden to Atlantic City. Source: SkyVector

We left from Linden Airport (KLDJ) at around 4pm.  The weather was still great from the day before, with only some scattered clouds around 7000 or so.  We left Linden to the southwest and flew around the 1500 ft shelf jut-out of the New York Bravo and then headed for the NJ coastline.  We flew south along the coast, diligently looking for traffic while enjoying the sights.  Before long we had Atlantic City in sight, and when we looked inland we saw a huge open field–the airport!  It’s hard to see the actual runways from 10 or so miles away, but the airport is unmistakable.

We contacted Atlantic City Approach about 19 miles out, but they said our radio communications were breaking up and could only hear us clearly around 14 miles out.  We continued inbound, reported when we “had the airport” (meaning that we had the airport in sight), and then did a 45 into the left downwind for runway 13.

Atlantic City services commercial traffic, and as a result Runway 13 is tremendous–10,000 ft long and 150 ft wide.  After landing we had to taxi quite a bit on the runway just to get taxiway Alpha.  From there we took Bravo-Papa-November to Landmark Aviation and they helped us park and secure the plane.

Part of the airport diagram for KACY.

We hung out in the FBO for a bit while they refueled our plane.  It was a great FBO with great service.  Matt asked for some ice to make iced coffee and the girl brought out an entire bag of ice!  After our plane was topped off with fuel Matt called the briefer (1-800-WX-BRIEF) to get a standard briefing for our flight back to Linden.

Matt talking to the briefer at Landmark Aviation (the FBO at KACY).

Matt talking to the briefer at Landmark Aviation (the FBO at KACY).

After doing a quick pre-flight again and starting the engine, we called up Atlantic City Ground.  It turns out that at Charlie and Bravo airports you’re supposed to call Clearance Delivery to get your squawk code and departure instructions before calling the ground controller for taxiing.  However, it was a slow day and the ground controller was nice and got that clearance and departure instructions for us.

The wind had shifted and we left from runway 31, being cautious after hearing earlier pilot reports of tailwinds between 200 and 1000 ft from the ground controller.  We took off, and as I said earlier, Runway 13-31 is tremendous.  I had never taken off in a Cessna on a runway that long!

The entire time we were in the air I was helping Matt look for traffic, but shortly after taking off I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos.

Aerial view of Atlantic City.

Aerial view of Atlantic City.

Long beach island from the air.

Long Beach Island from the air.

My friend Matt.

Matt, this voyage’s pilot-in-command.  He finally had a chance to use his iPad with Foreflight as an alternate GPS.

We flew the reverse of the route we flew down to Atlantic City to get back to Linden, and we clocked 57 minutes from the time we got takeoff clearance to touchdown.

This was an easy flight to fly via pilotage and would be a great flight to do when I get to the point in my training where I fly my cross-country!