Lesson 10- Flight Around the area, 1st GA anniversary!!

In todays lesson I took a flight around the area with my mom, as it was her first flight in a General Aviation aircraft. We flew over to my town and circled my house, and then went to the hudson river and flew it to the Tappan Zee Bridge. Then, we turned back to KCDW to do 2 crosswind landings. The first one was very tough, and I ended up too high and too slow. I got it on the ground, and then did a sloppy take off from that touch and go. The next landing, a full stop, was considerably better as I actually had control of the airplane up until flare, and I was doing a good job at crabbing and keeping the airplane down centerline (The landing wasn’t too bad either). My pattern was also a little sloppy, but that was a mixture of me being nervous after the first landing and not having flown for over a month. Other than that, we didn’t do much else, as this flight was primarily just a break to show my mom how its like, ad show her how far I’ve gotten since my first general aviation flight last October (2014). That flight was 6 days before this, and I find it very amazing how far I’ve gotten in one short year. I will read more about crosswind landings before next flight so I can get those down too! My next flight will be sometime in November, so look out for that!