Lesson 11- Crosswind Landings

Today, Bob and I headed up in N811JD for crosswind landings. The winds were from 320 at 10, and we were using runway 4, so it was definitely interesting. I realized that I was pretty good at lining the aircraft up on final, but right as we went over the last road on the first few landings I was way to slow. Also, I kept drifting towards the runway on my downwind, so I have to work on that next time. So, in closing, I am more than happy at how I did on Sunday the 22, and feel infinitely more confident at my crosswind landings. Now I just have to get the steps of the pattern ingrained in my head, and i have to watch my speed on final. For anyone reading this, the steps of the pattern are: Takeoff, climb out at 80 (for a 172), turn crosswind at 900 feet, at 1200 pull power to 1700 rpm, turn downwind, stay at 1200 feet on downwind (or whatever the traffic pattern altitude is), call tower when crossing midfield (if needed), 10 degrees of flaps when crossing the numbers (LOOK AT SPEED), turn base, 20 degrees flaps, turn final, 30 degrees flaps (stay at around 75 kts), and then when your over the runway in a crosswind, let the main wheel thats into the wind hit the ground first. On final in a crosswind, use alierons to stay on the extended centerline. Thank you for reading this blog, and my next one should be in early-mid December!