Lesson 14- Navigation

Hello! Today was more or less a calm day to fly, and it was my second flight with Dave. We took N6338F up for the first time and I flew with the heading and attitude indicator INOP. It was pretty cool! I felt that I looked outside more, and that helped with my navigation skills as well. We flew from Caldwell out to Warwick airport and back, with waypoints being- Andover, Sussex, Warwick, Greenwood lake and Lincoln Park. I feel that I am so much more confident with navigation now! I was not too great at holding attitude and using my trim, but I learned and will do better next flight. My final approach and landing was the worst yet, as so many things were happening inside the cockpit. First, I was too high and went nose down instead of power out. This led to me only having 20 degrees of flaps on landing, which felt unusual. Second, on my short final I realized that my door wasn’t latched for some reason so I had to fix that quickly. Other than my few errors, I felt that I learned a lot today, and can’t wait for my next flight sometime in March!