Lesson 20- Pre Solo work

Today, Dave and I went out to the practice are for pre solo work. We did power off stalls, slow flight and steep turns. My steep turns were good and my slow flight was good as well. My stalls were ok, but I have to be more confident about the recovery. Dave taught me his “upside down question mark” trick to make sure the airplane is configured. It goes as follows- Fuel selector, mixture, throttle, lights and prime. I will remember that for next time so that my checklists can go by quicker. I did a lot more radio work than I usually do today, which was good as well. With my landings, I did a great job at maintaining centerline all the way down until it was time to land, where i veered to the left both times. Next time, Ill add more right rudder in the flare to compensate for the gyro, and that should fix my problem. Next time, I have to be a little more confident and I also have to do Power on stalls. Once I am proficient in all of these maneuvers, I can take my pre solo check ride and then I can solo!