Lesson 22- Pre Solo Work Again

Dave and I went out to the practice area today to finish up with the solo work we did last time. We started off with steep turns, which he said were “textbook” when I did them (yes!). Next, we did slow flight, which was ok but I went a little too slow. We finished that off with a power off stall, which was as usual. Then, we did power on stalls. I have to remember not to dive for long, and instead keep the nose at a more level position. We came back to the airport for some landings, which weren’t too great. I don’t know what I was doing wrong, but next flight I’m going to make it a point to see if I’m centered in my seat or not because I felt like the landing needed way more right rudder than I felt- almost sideways. I have to remember pitch, power and trim when going to cruise, which I only started getting towards the end of the flight. It’s pitch, power and trim when leveling off from altitude gain, and power pitch trim when descending into cruise. Hopefully next flight goes smoother so that I can solo this month!