Lesson 25- Stage Check

I flew out with Tom in N50906 today for my stage check today, and I feel it went very well! I haven’t flown since November, this was a new aircraft, and I have never landed on runway 28 before but nothing got in my way of performing to thew best of my ability. We went North to the practice area and did slow flight, steep turns, stalls, and a simulated engine failure. My only criticism was that I did not do the LCGUMPS check when the engine went out to secure the engine. We flew back to the airport for a touch and go which went well, and then a full stop which was a little jarring but at least everything was okay :P. The aircraft was nice and easy to get back in the swing of things on, and if this plane is here to stay I would love to fly in it more often. For my next flight, I will remember to complete the LCGUMPS check after an engine failure, and hopefully my solo day will come soon!